Demand Side Air Audit

The demand side of a compressed air audit involves inspecting and analyzing your air system on the production floor. In the greater St. Louis metro area, John Henry Foster is the leading compressed air systems and operations experts.

Through an initial walk-the-line compressed air assessment to data logging to a detailed analysis of the combined observations, inspections, and logging data, John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ ROI Group air experts will identify where you’re wasting air and work with you on remediation efforts.

The major sources of waste on the demand side are:

  • Production

    up to 50% of total wastage

  • Leaks

    25-30% of wasted air

  • Artificial Demand

    10-15% is lost through unneeded use

  • Miscellaneous Uses

    the balance of lost air is through bad practices and unauthorized use

Leaks are a significant source of wasted energy in compressed air systems, often wasting up to 30% of your compressor’s output. Identifying and fixing leaks is critical to reducing your air wastage and saving money.

JHF’s air experts work closely with you to identify, measure, log, analyze, and remediate the sources of demand side air waste. Not only will an air audit reduce costs significantly in the short term, but the medium- and long-term benefits of increased efficiencies and proper air delivery will help you increase your margins and improve production.

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