Next Generation Compressed Air Control

What are the benefits of automated air controllers?

  • Shutting off of unneeded compressors
  • Delaying bringing additional compressors online until needed
John Henry Foster Airx and Airx Pro

John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ Controls Engineering Group designs and fabricates control panels and automation systems for any application in any industry in the St. Louis region. Working with you to fully understand your control needs, we’ll work in tandem to ensure we’re creating a panel or system that fits your unique specifications.

Design to fabrication to installation, with robust testing and documentation, we work hard to make sure your operating system is providing optimal performance.

AIRx & AIRx Pro Controllers

Sustain peak compressed air system performance with AIRx and AIRx Pro controllers by John Henry Foster. Capable of customizing control to match any specification, John Henry Foster can automate even the most complex systems– eliminating waste and maximizing performance of your compressed air system.

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AIRx Pro Logo
Features & BenefitsAIRxAIRx Pro
Interfacing Capability
(Any brand of OEM compressor - Including VFD's)
Up to 8 inputsUnlimited # of inputs
(Unlimited distance between panels/compressors)
Automation System (Allen Bradley)CompactLogixCompactLogic or ControlLogix
Pressure ControlSingle PressureMultiple Pressure Control
Up and downstream compressor control
Latest Allen Bradley PLC controller for dependability
Easily adjustable sequencing
Built-in adjustable timing
Total system control utilizing single pressure input
Multi-level login credentials for security
Complete alarm history
Open architecture software
Test screen to confirm interfaces
Inputs for amps, pressure, temp, dew point, flow, etc.
Remote/Modbus communication for health and maintenance monitoring
Custom labeling of compressors and system components
Handshaking & Interfacing capabilities with local HMIs & existing plant-wide systems
120 Volt
NEMA 4/12 classification
Custom design and display to match any specification
Multiple compressor room integration/control
Centrifugal & booster compressor interfacing capabilities
Up/downstream dryer control
Custom design and display to match any specification

Why Controls & Automation?

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved output via process automation
  • Reduced waste and scrap
  • Increased up-time
  • Electrical motor panels built to NFPA 79 and UL specifications
  • Operator-friendly motor control panels
  • Your controls and system will be well documented and easy to troubleshoot in the field

Complete Control = Real Savings with AIRx and AIRx Pro by JHF

Innovation meets simplicity with John Henry Foster’s AIRx Pro, Compressed Air System Automation Controller. This easy-to-configure, highly adaptable controller—with complete, on-location access—makes automating even the most complex systems, easier than ever before. Fully integrate and sequence multiple compressors and dryers to provide reliable air and maximum efficiency. Realize total control and real savings today with the AIRx Pro, compressed air system controller.

Why JHF?

  • JHF has invested heavily into the concept of running compressed air systems the right way.
  • All of our personnel are well-known as experts in their field.
  • JHF’s decades of engineering and design expertise, we can provide a system that will be efficient and capable of changing as your company’s demand changes.
  • JHF’s engineered the simplest of systems to the largest compressed air installation in North America.
  • JHF has saved our clients millions of dollars, while providing dependable air pressure when and where it’s required.

JHF’s AIRx line of controllers is the next generation in compressed air controls to help you improve your compressed air system performance and efficiency either remotely or on-site.

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