Compressed Air Efficiency & Controls

Compressed air – “the fourth utility” – is essential to manufacturers. It can also be wildly inefficient, causing facilities to waste thousands and often tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Together, we can fix that.

John Henry Foster’s Compressed Air & Controls ROI Group will work with you to identify inefficiencies in your compressed air system, engineer solutions, set up controls and automation to maintain efficiencies, and institute system testing and remote monitoring to keep the ‘fourth utility’ humming along productively and cost-effectively.

Reduce Wasteful Spending. Increase Productivity. Maximize ROI.

  • Identify Opportunities
  • Implement Improvements
  • Validate Efficiency
  • Sustain Savings

The JHF Difference

Choosing to work with JHF’s Compressed Air & Controls ROI Group gets you the peace-of-mind that comes with hiring the best in the industry. Our team has over 200 years of compressed air experience, a results-driven process, and a dedication to sustained savings for our customers.


Our air audit team has an extensive list of air assessments and project implementations they can share with you to demonstrate our unique approach to reaching and maintaining peak system performance.

What Would You Do With An Extra 20% In Your Budget?

Compressed air is often around 40% of a manufacturing facilities energy consumption. And we often find that up to 50% - fifty percent – of that compressed air is wasted. Hissed away.

Our compressed air experts will perform energy audits of your facility to look for improper usage, leaks, poor set up, inadequate piping, incorrect control settings, and a range of other factors that lead to artificial demand on your system – and money literally wasted, blown away.

Ready to get started? Contact us.

John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ team of compressed air experts will learn your overall goals, and together we’ll develop a clear strategy to get you there.