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John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ team of compressed air experts will learn your overall goals, and together we’ll develop a clear strategy to get you there.

At John Henry Foster, we know compressed air. But no one knows your business and your objectives like you do. That’s why we use a collaborative, customer-first approach to guarantee the results you expect.

Understanding your system – the challenges you face with your compressed air and your desired outcome – helps us achieve and sustain specific, measurable system performance.

Process Makes Perfect

Graphic displaying the JHF ROI Process
The Learning Phase - Discuss, Understand, & Align

We’ll get to know your system & requirements so we can align our capabilities with your ultimate objectives.

Total System Review – Measure Supply & Demand
  • Measure supply flow with a series of tests with amp clamps and pressure transducers to ensure efficient operation
  • Determine pressure deltas both on clean-up equipment and in remote areas of the facility to determine if changes are necessary.
Analyze — Compare Current & Potential Performance
  • Correlate and compare supply flow to potential flow
  • Explore potential modes of control on the compressors to increase efficiency
  • Review alternatives for additional/replacement equipment (dry compressors, etc) or components for maximum productivity.
  • Develop a performance specification
  • Create drawings and scope of work for the project
  • Determine any possible technical issue
Implement & Manage
  • Manage delivery schedule
  • Manage contractor schedule
  • Communication cadence between all interested parties
  • System set-up
  • Train facility personnel on proper use
  • Provide Validation report outlining savings
  • Maintain performance
  • Provide Technical Assistance
  • Regular follow-ups

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