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Predicted Potential Project Benefits

Having trouble getting approval for a compressed air efficiency project you know will benefit your facility? JHF’S ROI Group has years of experience helping St. Louis companies navigate the approval process by presenting real-world predicted savings and the corresponding payback period (these figures are examples based on past projects).

The predicted, potential savings is the result of careful analyzation and assessment of your compressed air system’s current performance. For example:

  1. How is your equipment actually performing vs. expected performance?
  2. What’s the average pressure of your system?
  3. How much power does your system use when it runs unloaded?
  4. What does your compressed air demand profile look like?
  5. Are there any leaks or inappropriate uses of compressed air?

The assessment’s findings allow us to develop a baseline for:

  • Compressed air system performance
  • Energy Consumption
  • Energy Costs

Using this information – and the ROI Group’s thorough project implementation plan – we can with relative certainty predict the savings of the proposed project – helping you to justify the facility’s up-front investment.

With the appropriate approval, John Henry Foster’s air experts will implement the recommended improvements, validate the improved system’s performance, and verify sustained savings… paving the way for future compressed air energy efficiency projects.

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