Why Performance Testing?

To achieve desired equipment/system performance results, it is necessary to understand how any given system or piece of equipment is currently performing. Our industrial customers rely on John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ Compressed Air ROI Group to provide them with reliable and accurate performance testing.

Important considerations:

  • What type of equipment or compressor technology is being tested?
  • What downstream equipment is in use?
  • What are the design standards of each piece of equipment in the system?
  • Is each piece of equipment performing to their respective standard?

If a given piece of equipment, within the system, is not performing to its design standard, the system – as a whole, cannot achieve the desired/expected output.

With variation being cumulative, performance of the system will continue to decrease over time (ie: ~1% variance “today” leads to 1+X% “next month”).

Our team will test each piece of equipment to acquire a performance baseline. Understanding the delta between actual and expected output is imperative to achieving desired system results.

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