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Energy Rebate & Incentive Programs

Every organization has a multitude of reasons for wanting to improve energy efficiency. Don’t overlook compressed air in these calculations, it’s a main driver of wasted energy in many facilities.

Benefits of maximum compressed air energy efficiency include:

  • Decreases wear & tear on equipment
  • Decreases wasted energy & associated costs
  • Frees up resources in time & money for other initiatives
  • Improves productivity
  • Increases production quality
  • Meets corporate energy efficiency metrics & goals
  • And much more…

Fortunately, energy companies see and understand the potential in these savings as well, and have created helpful programs to help mitigate – and sometimes, completely cover the cost of – compressed air efficiency improvement projects.

The downside is, many St. Louis organizations and businesses aren’t aware of all of the various rebate and incentive programs available to them, or if they do, how to access them.

While there are helpful links including:

… to help you research programs, specific requirements and accessing the incentives can be tricky. Let John Henry Foster St. Louis’ ROI Group take the guesswork out of the process and help you get the most return for you project.

As your partner in compressed air performance – and your RCx Provider – we’ll research the programs available to you and align your project with the available rebates and incentives – ensuring maximum savings and the fastest payback period.

Learn how JHF’s ROI Group can help you get the rebates & incentives available to you.