A New Standard in Compressed Air Audits

JHF CVR Air Service

When you know that on average 50% of compressed air is wasted, it makes bottom-line sense to dig deep into your usage and find – and fix – the causes.

John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ compressed air ROI Group experts will complete a total air system assessment of your facilities and help you realize true savings for years to come.

The first part of the air audit will look at your existing air supply. Among the many elements we’ll examine, a few are:

  • Looking for leaks throughout the system
  • Comparing your air needs against your existing compressor system
  • Watch for excessive pressure in the system
  • Checking that your perceived air requirements match your needs
  • Verifying that your compressor controls are the right ones for your system

Obviously these are only a few of the many areas JHF’s ROI Group will look for inefficiencies, mismatches, and other issues that result in the supply side of your compressed air system costing more than it should – oftentimes, significantly more than it should.

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