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Energy Efficiency Incentives

Energy efficiency is a performance metric almost universal in manufacturing. Nowhere is that focus more critical than in compressed air systems – compressed air often accounts for 40% of a facility’s energy costs. And across industries, it’s found that up to 50% of that air is wasted.

John Henry Foster became a Registered Ally in Ameren’s ActOnEnergy™ program in Missouri and Illinois. Ameren’s program offers incentives to customers who actively reduce energy waste – and eliminating waste in your compressed air system counts.

As Registered Service Providers, JHF will help you identify efficiency opportunities, implement system changes to take advantage of those opportunities, and help you receive your Ameren incentives.

Since becoming an Ameren RSP, we’ve helped our customers receive over $9.8 million in incentives, and achieved over 190,000,000 kWh in energy savings.

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