The UptimeRMX Solution

JHF’s completely wireless remote-monitoring and analysis system for compressed air – UptimeRMX – was designed and built by the engineering team at Air System LLC, a leading master distributor for Ingersoll Rand.

JHF’s ROI Group utilizes a customized version of the system to provide the UptimeRMX system to our customers.

UptimeRMX utilizes cloud-based diagnostics and analytics to give you greater insight and knowledge of your compressed air system.

Screenshot of John Henry Foster's UptimeRMX Dashboard

By tracking the critical components in your air system, you’ll be ahead of the curve as you monitor trends in usage, demand, pressures, and a range of other meaningful measurements.

That enhanced understanding will provide greater reliability, improved air quality, and lower overall costs of operation.

UptimeRMX Features:

  • Completely wireless
  • Real-time reporting
  • Intuitive “gauge”-based design is easy to understand
  • Monitors flow usage, pressure, reliability, and power consumption

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