Trust JHF’s ROI Group For Your Installation

Whether your compressed air system design is being installed in a new St. Louis facility or you’re upgrading your system to maximize efficiency, you need a partner who’ll ensure it’s done correctly.

When you trust John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ ROI Group to install your new or upgraded equipment, you’ll get a proper, timely installation – done right, the first time.

What to expect from a JHF ROI Group installation:

  • On-site, JHF installation support before, during, and AFTER installation
  • Discussion about operations, facility hours, and production timing
  • Installation data sheets and pre-installation tips
  • Best practices or advice on the best ways to get equipment in and out of buildings based on space restrictions and doorway – our ROI Group experts have years of experience at this
  • Necessary cranes and forklifts arranged by JHF’S ROI Group
  • All necessary electrical work performed by JHF or JHF-sourced contractors
  • All necessary duct work performed by JHF or JHF-sourced contractors
  • All necessary piping of supply-side components performed by JHF
  • Installation of compressors and air system components
  • Pressure test
  • Commissioning and start-up services provided by JHF’S ROI Group

Contact JHF’s ROI Group now to get the most of your system!