Compressed Air Leaks: Theory vs. Reality

Think that fixing air leaks is enough? It’s not – you need to address the root cause of most leaks or you may find that you’ve made the problem worse.

And what’s usually the root cause of compressed air leaks? The air compressor system.

In theory, fixing compressed air leaks should eliminate wasted air (and most importantly, energy). The reality is more complicated. Repairing leaks in your system will only eliminate waste if your compressor reacts the way it’s supposed to.

John Henry Foster Leak System

If not, fixing the leak can actually cause the system to:

  • Work harder
  • Use more energy
  • Cause unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment

Leak Reporting and Tagging

John Henry Foster Leak Report Data

Detailed leak reporting is imperative in any leak repair project. With complete visibility of each leak and a greater understanding of the effect they have on your system’s performance, you are better equipped to make informed decision. Each leak study conducted by John Henry Foster includes a report specifying: 

  • Cost per leak
  • Location
  • Description of leak
  • Image of leak complete with tag
Leak Study details

A detailed report is also beneficial when applying for incentives and rebates to cover costs associated leak studies. Many utility partner programs will cover the cost of the study, in its entirety, with thorough tagging and reporting.

Did you know?

Fixing leaks can actually INCREASE operating costs.

Don’t let this happen to you. Call John Henry Foster, St. Louis, today!

Leak Repair

Find rebate programs for your state here:

With a clear understanding of your system’s perceived vs. actual behavior, our air experts will conduct necessary leak repairs. Using state-of-the-art ultrasonic detectors and our thorough tagging/reporting process, we’ll ensure each leak is identified and prepared for repair. With a comprehensive leak study and leak repair by John Henry Foster, you’ll achieve:

  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Reduced energy demand
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Additional profits to your bottom line
  • Potential cash rebates from your energy provider

Sustained Performance

Leak repair, done correctly and as needed, will save money and eliminate waste. To ensure permanent, optimal performance is sustained, we’ll work closely with you to conduct appropriate follow-ups and system monitoring.

Understanding your compressed air system’s actual vs. perceived performance is imperative to eliminating wasted air, energy, and effort.

So, where do you start?

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