Non-Biased System Design for Optimal Results

One major issue John Henry Foster, St. Louis’ ROI Group consistently finds in industrial compressed air users is inadequate or poorly designed air distribution systems. These lead to low productivity, poor air tool performance, and perhaps more importantly, high energy bills.

A compressed air system can only operate properly and cost effectively if it is specifically designed to meet the needs of your applications.

As part of the design process, John Henry Foster, St. Louis considers all aspects of your operation to ensure the system design will provide optimum results at maximum efficiency, for years to come. To achieve top compressed air performance levels, JHF’s ROI Group will initiate a learning phase – evaluating all factors of your compressed air needs:

  • Demand
  • Compressed air quality
  • Supply
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Control management
  • Future expansion potential
  • Back-up requirements for maintenance
  • Compressed air equipment brands/models/types best suited for your application

Why John Henry Foster?

  • Over a century of compressed air experience

    - Design, Installation, & Commissioning
    - Electrical
    - Energy Efficiency
    - Controls & Monitoring
    - Sales, Service/Repair, Maintenance

  • AutoCAD design solutions
  • Every brand/model/type of compressor
  • 24/7 service & support
  • Any level of system complexity
  • Any industry or application
  • Industry-trusted brands and manufacturers
  • Dedicated sales, service, & support teams

Contact JHF’s Air Compressor ROI Group now to get the most of your system!